Meet The Team

Clive Sergent

Mānuka Wellbeing Co-Founder and Managing Director

Clive Sergent – Co-Founder and Managing Director of Mānuka Wellbeing. His responsibilities include the important masterminding of product supply from his farms where the busy bees are making our amazing tasting mānuka honey.
Clive spent most of his years growing up working in the family Farm and Apiary, work included Pollination, Honey Harvesting and feeding throughout the winter months. In his early 20’s Clive pursed a career in Information Technology and has Spent over 24 years in the industry.

Through his IT career is has worked with Large Corporations in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. Worked included large IT Projects in both Government and the Financial sector. Clive also has worked in a vendor environment in technical roles and as a Presales Consultant. He ventured out and started his own company ITNZ Solutions limited of 14 years with a Colleague from a previous role. Clive has a sound technical background with a sound understanding of aligning technology with business objectives.

Clive’s passion and end goal has always been to build on and grow the family business as his love for the land and bees is shown by the wonderful brand created called Mānuka Wellbeing.

Scott O'Brien

Mānuka Wellbeing Co-Founder and Vice President of International Operations

Scott O’Brien is the Co-Founder and Vice President, International Operations at Mānuka Wellbeing. His responsibilities include leading the international growth of Mānuka Wellbeing products into new markets, overseeing the strategic sales program, brand management, and corporate sponsorships. Scott has more than 20 years of experience working in international companies, in both sales and management roles. Prior to co-founding Mānuka Wellbeing, he spent 2 years working and living in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Scott’s decades of experience have included executive management responsibility, business development, service level agreement negotiation with Fortune 200 companies, and management and motivation of culturally diverse groups. He has an in-depth understanding of business strategy across multiple industries, financial modelling, food & beverage industries, engineering, real estate and construction, telecom and IT network engineering.

His skills lie in maintaining strong relationships with key stakeholders while driving teams to achieve business revenue and project targets. Scott has a Double Masters Degree in Master’s in Business Administration and a Master’s in Information System Management from the University of Swinburne in Melbourne, Australia.

Terry Hope

Mānuka Wellbeing Chief Financial Officer.

Terry (CFO) is our amazing senior executive responsible for managing the financial actions at Mānuka Wellbeing. Terry duties include tracking cash flow and financial planning as well as analysing the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses and proposing corrective actions.

Terry goal is to protect the company’s revenues and profits to achieve full financial control and sustainable growth.

Amanda Newsome

Mānuka Wellbeing Director of Logistics.

Amanda watches the activities to make sure operations flow smoothly, instructs accordingly, and motivates the team to perform to the best.

Amanda is responsible for recruiting and hiring new workers both on the farm and in the warehouse .

Amanda is always is on the lookout for ways to improve the transportation process and help reduce the cost for our partners globally.