Mānuka Honey

Mānuka Honey comes from the nectar of the Mānuka bush (Leptospermum Scoparium), native to New Zealand. All Mānuka Honey carries a UMF rating - a Unique Mānuka Factor - measuring the unique mānuka properties found in the honey.

UMF™ 5+

A delicious tasting honey that is great for aiding the digestive system.

UMF™ 10+

This honey is great for strengthening the immune system and for long-term health maintenance.

UMF™ 15+

This is a mega booster will help boost immunity, soothe a sore throat and settle the stomach.

UMF™ 20+

This is one for the medicine cupboard, to help soothe a sore throat, to help heal a mouth ulcer, or to help boost immunity.

Kanuka Honey

The Kanuka Tree grows in both the North and South Islands and in the forest margins of the Three Kings Islands from Dunedin to Otago.

Blended Honey

Blended Honey is a delicious blend of pure New Zealand Mānuka Honey and New Zealand wildflower honey. A dark, creamy honey with a distinct rich taste.

Creamy Clover Honey

Creamy Clover Honey is made at the bottom of the South Island in New Zealand. This part of New Zealand is where the purest Wild Clover Honey is made.

Heather Honey

A rare honey, and only produced near mountainous ranges; Heather honey only starts to flow when the plant is shaken or stirred.

Kamahi Honey

Created in the New Zealand’s scenic South Island, the honey comes from the Kamahi tree, found in New Zealand’s native forests.

Rewarewa Honey

Rewarewa is Māori for King. Rewarewa Honey comes from the nectar of the Rewarewa tree, also known as the honey-suckle tree.

Bush Honey

Bush Honey is a seasonal honey our bees have sourced from a variety of floral sources including New Zealand native plants.

Multifloral Honey

“Multifloral” Mānuka Honey is containing between 20 and 400 mg/kg of 3-PLA and at least 1mg/kg of the other three chemicals. It is made by churning liquid honey to cause crystallization in a controlled way.

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